Shipping policy


Cronk Nutrient's online store offers delivery to almost anywhere in the world. If you don't see a shipping option for your country please contact us and we can quote accordingly. We ship from either our New Brunswick, Canada warehouse or our inventory held at Amazon.

Your order is normally completed within one business day. Sometimes it can take up to three days to process.

After your order has been placed, our team will decide where to ship your item from, either our warehouse or Amazon. If shipped from our warehouse you will receive a tracking number from either UPS, FedEx, Purolator, Canada Post, Canpar or DHL. If shipped from Amazon within a day or two you will receive an Amazon tracking number.



We provide free delivery on purchases of $75 or more before tax in North America. Our free shipping for orders over $75 CAD does not include orders placed in Zone 2 of Canada or the United States. These rates will be calculated as normal, if you would like a more accurate quote please contact us at


Canada Zone 2

Newfoundland and Labrador

Northwest Territories




United States Zone 2



Puerto Rico and any other US Territories. 



Any oversized items DO NOT qualify for our standard free shipping and will be priced based on weight and size. Oversize items are classified as anything over 65 pounds.



All Cronk Nutrient's online orders will be shipped out in unbranded boxes. If you have any special requests please add this to the note section when you place your order.


Since we use FBA from Amazon this allows us to get you your order as fast as possible. In most cases, all orders will be shipped out the same day, if not the next day. After the package has been shipped out you should receive the parcel within 2-5 business days. In some cases, it can take up to 8 business days but is rare.

Delivery can take place on weekends as well if fulfilled through our Amazon partner.



We use UPS, FedEx, Purolator, Canpar or DHL for international shipments. Most international shipments will arrive in 8 business days of order, in some cases it can take up to 14 days.

If you don't see your location available for shipping please reach out to us at for a quote!



Nutrient Orders 1 to 2 business days of handling time before your order is shipped. 

Light Orders 4 to 8 business days of handling time before your order is shipped. 

Merch Orders  3 to 5 business days of handling time before your order is shipped. 


Special order items such as our commercial grow lights can take up to 10 business days of handling time. Commercial Grow lights will be shipped directly from our manufacturer in China and can take up to 30 days. Special order nutrients will be shipped from Canada and can take up to 10 business days of handling time and 7-14 days of shipping.

Regular Shipping Delivery Time Nutrients once shipped will take a maximum of 8 Business days from the time of being shipped.



When exposed to cold temperatures, nutrients can freeze. We send liquid nutrients using express delivery during the winter months so that your shipments are safe. Depending on the courier, your goods may not be sent until the following Monday to avoid them from sitting in a chilly warehouse over the weekend.

If your nutrients do freeze you can do a couple. Let the nutrients defrost at room temperature, if there are solids still in the bottle after 24 hours pour your nutrients into a pot and warm them up well mixing until all solids are dissolved. You can also take an equal part of RO water, bring it to a boil and mix it with the nutrients, when doing this method make sure to double your dose when feeding.

If you are not comfortable with this process and have added route insurance to your order you may apply for a full refund or replacement. 

Occasionally, our online inventory is inaccurate. In the case we cannot fulfill your order due to an item being out of stock, we will contact you within 24 hours on whether to cancel the order or wait for the item to be back in stock. 

We reserve the right to cancel & refund any order that we cannot economically ship to. If this happens you will be refunded in full and notified of the issue.